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Welcome to Beating the Beast. You have possibly arrived at this depression support website looking for help for either yourself or a loved one who is depressed.  Good for you for taking this important step!  Stick around, and have a read through our site and please make sure you pop by and check out our message board as well..... 

Maybe you suspect depression but are not sure. Perhaps the best place to start is with theclassic symptoms of depression.

In addition to this people who belong to the forum here have described what they now recognize as the first signs of a depressive episode. This is a more personal and varying account ofwhat to look for.

Does it sound familiar? Are you still not sure? An
online depression test may help you to decide. Remember though, that this test is just a indicator, not a firm diagnosis.

Ok, you have read the symptoms, done the test, and your fears are confirmed, it would appear that you are depressed. Where do you go from here?

The next step is seeking help for your depression. Many people begin by seeing their family doctor. Sounds simple, doesn't it? The fact is though, that this is very often one of the most difficult steps to make.

Read through the
'Experiences' page, where people here describe their own first doctor's visit and how they were thinking and feeling at that time.

Finally, come join the
Beating the Beast depression support forum! There are many interesting threads here in our depression support forum, covering all sorts of the struggles encountered when depressed. Dip in and read what interests you. Join and introduce yourself, you will find everybody is very friendly and supportive. Ask questions...people will gladly share their knowledge and personal experience with you.

Please remember that we are a depression self help group formed by depression suffers for depression sufferers.  We have no trained professionals on board.

Please review the forum guidelines before participating.

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